Wednesday, November 30, 2011

SRT Synchronizer

SRT (SubRip Subtitle File)

What is .SRT file ??
.SRT is Text file containing subtitles used by various video playback programs; supported by DivX, DVD, and other video formats; includes the time each subtitle should be displayed followed by the text of the subtitle.

Subtitle files are often named according to the language of the subtitles, i.e. "" for English and "" for German subtitles.

NOTE: SRT files are text files used in video playback. Therefore, they do not contain any video data.

Different movie files may has different time frame, in spite of the same movie content. So if we get the wrong SRT file, the dialogue will be displayed not in the right time. SRT Synchronizer is my homemade PHP application which can be used to synchronize the srt file which having issue with time frame.

Since SRT is a regular text file, you can be easily opened and edited using notepad.

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