Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I must be crazy

For some reason I can't explain here, I am going to give up my job here. My current job is really nice job. I suit my interest in IT. It has good social life among employees, we usually go on some extracurricular activity together such badminton, IT knowledge sharing, soccer, swimming, etc. We even go vacation together sometimes since our office located in Bali.

My job also had the opportunity to develop our carrier, from junior programmer to senior manager. It also has really good pay and cover my health insurance. I have very nice neighborhood here, free from pollution and traffic jam. I don't have to wake up in early morning to reach the office.

These kind of benefits is too precious to give away.

But life must go on. Regarding to family issue, I think I should move back to my main island. Maybe it doesn't have to really back to my hometown, but at least it is nearer.

Not long ago, I got a job offer in Capital City (same island with my hometown). The new job has a good pay, just same as the old one. It is not a corporate that operate at IT solution as my old one, but I am going to be placed in the IT department. So it may cover my interest but I doubt it will teach me much knowledge as much as in my old job. It also has carrier opportunity. It also gives permanent position rather than contract.

I just skeptic to the new life. The same as when I moved to Bali from my hometown. I still didn't sure I am doing the right thing. Still afraid to lost what I already got. No turning back now.

I hope God always lead me to the best way I could have. Amin.


  1. seemed de javu for me, when i said:
    you got something going on

    wait a minute,
    you wanna replace Nixau in The Gods Maybe Crazy movie, huh?
    waka waka wekekek

  2. God isn't crazy...
    It is just me who think I am crazy... :P

    hmmm.. I think it is OK if there is a producer who offers me to be the main character for movies...
    *depend on the movie itself...

    being celebrity isn't bad job... :D

  3. wooow, you like to be a celeb'..
    then, the movie is sequence of The Gods Maybe Crazy
    you'll get the right role, buddies, ha3

  4. I said it depends on the movie...
    and Gods maybe Crazy is out of my league... :P

  5. hmmmmmm..
    it would be a great movie,
    if you get role in there
    absolutely right :p

  6. I think I belong to colossal movie as the superhero, not the comedy one... :P

  7. iiiiiiiiiih, superhero..
    waka waka wekekek

    wanna join with me?
    the comedy one??

  8. colossal with a great hero against massacre and genocide...
    nyahahaha... >:)

  9. woaaaaaah..
    you really want it,
    luph it :p