Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Explore Bali - Campuhan hill

Last Saturday I went to ubud with some of my Q4 2009 friends. We brought three motorcycles. I rode hatta’s motorcycle since he left his motorcycle to me. He got back home that weekend. He told me that his grandma was sick so bad and wanted to meet him.

It is quite far from kuta. The trip from kuta to ubud spent approximately 1 to 2 hours, I little bit forgot actually. We dropped by at a supermarket in ubud to buy some snacks and soft drinks. Our destination was campuhan hill.

To reach the campuhan hill we must parked our motorcycles in a junior high school near pura and walked up to the hill. In that day many students attended at the school using traditional clothes. I thought they held some event there. When we arrived their teacher was managing their students to clean their schools. It reminded me on my elementary school. We also had same kind of routine called “jumat bersih”.

We continued our journey walking on small path to the hill. We met an old couple tourists from England. We had little conversation with them and take a picture. They said that they were on vacation. They had seven grandsons and three great sons. Happy to see them, a grandfather and a grandmother, still loving each other and aid each other to reach the hill on valentine event.

On the hill we can see large grassland with open skies. It was a nice view. We also can see the cliff (with some hotel porch) across the gap. We took some pictures together there. Unfortunately the skies were turning black, and rain was coming down after it. We ran into a small traditional shop to take a shelter. It was raining quite long so we ate together our snacks in the shop terrace.

When the rain was stopped we got back to the junior high school and took our motorcycles. We went to denpasar and ate mie bandung together.

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