Wednesday, April 21, 2010

karena wanita ingin dimengerti


  1. wakakaka...
    cen dasar wong wedok i aneh og kadang2..

  2. hehehe...
    begitulah... :P

    udah mulai nge-blog lagi nih rupanya... :D

  3. wis sui dul..

    eh mei aku rencana pgn nangbali lo :p

  4. ngakak tenan ngeliat tuh pic.. isine mung terserah.. podo sih karo kehidupanku, nek kancaku di jaki, yo kono ngono.. wkwkwkwk..

  5. wkwkwk...
    cen susah kog... kalo kata temenku...

    "para pria dipaksa harus mampu membaca pikiran... memangnya kita dukun..." halah... :P


  6. Nice post..
    Reminds me for some event, but with different situation..

    The situation is :
    Cencored name : Jim, have u eat yet?
    Me : Yes, i have
    Censored name : Ew, i'm hungry right now, accompany me to dinner, ok.. Hehe
    Me : Why me? Where is your boyfriend/ bestfriend?
    Censored name : All of them are busy T__T
    Me : Ouch so sorry to hear that..
    Censored name : Come on, eat again.. Ok ok
    Me : Where?
    Censored name : Anywhere.. Mmm i don't know it yet too.. akwakaka
    Me : I have done eating 2 bowl of big yummy food about 30 minute ago..
    Censored name : I know u can eat more. U are Jimmy BoA.. Hihihi
    Me : Hmm let me consider it 1st, ok.
    Cencored name : Phew, I'm starving..
    Me : I'll be in front of your boarding house in about 10 minute from now.
    Censored name : Yatta.. ^^

    Ting Tong
    SMS :
    Me : I'm here now, where are u? Let's go.
    Censored name : Wait.

    30 minute passed..

    Censored name : Tadaaa, how i looks today?
    Me : Hmm just a little bit more beautiful than yesterday.. Let's go to eat now.
    Censored name : Huft, Just a little bit?
    Me : Yap yap.. It's ok, shall we go now?
    Censored name : I haven't take a bath.. But i'm beautiful right?
    Me : Phew, that's fine. Let's eat now.


  7. wkwkwk...
    I think everyone has the same experience regarding this issue... :D

    *30 minute passed and she still haven't take a bath... --> wow.. :P

  8. wkwkwkwkwwk..

    good true story..

  9. Yap, 30 minute passed & she haven't take a bath..
    But she is still beautiful after doing make up for about 30 minute..

    At least she is honest to said that she haven't take a bath.
    90% girl will not said that for sure.
    I like honest girl..
    But this censored name is only friend.

    Well i hope she isn't reading your blog.

    Nb : But if u have read this blog, trust me i don't want u to think that I'm a jerk for posting something like this..
    Honesty is your best asset instead of your beauty appearance. I like both of that. I'm proud of u. Hehe