Thursday, September 2, 2010

Leaving The Comfort Zone

Some people I know decided not to try leaving their comfort zone. Most of them concern about the uncomfortable things that would happen, even before they actually came and see by their selves. Those things usually about the taste of local food that may differ, the daily cost that could be more expensive, how we pray at new place, etc. The last thing that really become my consideration is about "leaving our friendly neighborhood" and "losing our social network".

At first glance, I was same with them. Until I made up my mind to chase my carrier by compromising my comfortable. Then I left my comfort zone.

The truth about leaving comfort zone is “Sometime what we think is hard, could be much easier when we actually do it”.

People usually survey about living cost by gathering information from relatives, or friends that ever been there, and maybe some of them only use the internet. But the mistake is, most of them approximate the living cost using “vacation price”. In my example, I was leaving my comfort zone from Yogja to Bali.

People said that in Bali everything is expensive. Yes it is true, when I came first time in there, I rent quite expensive boarding room and buy expensive foods. It is happens because I don’t yet know where to find the right thing in the right place. But later on, I begin to build my comfort zone. I explore the place I used to live in Bali.Then I found cheaper boarding house, cheaper and more delicious foods, etc. I also locate where I should buy my needs.

There are always many choices for living style in every place. Executive or Economic…

About the neighborhood…
I admit that I felt little bit lonely at the first time. The culture is different, the people are different. But now I realize that human is a really great adaptive creature. I can fit my self there after short period. I get used to with their culture. And finally I can feel the warmness of people there. Mankind is very kind by default.

So daily needs and environment are something that we shouldn’t worry.

How about our social network we left behind?
Actually I felt still close with my friends even after months there. Yeah maybe some friends are getting more seldom contacting or contacted but most of my best friends are still there. Technology connects us. Being away from our previous social network filters which friends are really friends. Because true friends are always there whenever we need them.

I also had more new great friends in Bali. We go to many beach together, take a walk together, etc. We really share many thing together. We are helping each over there. So instead of losing your social network, you are actually expanding it.

So, it is up to your choice whether to take the challenge or leave it. In my opinion, while we are still young, we should try many things. Just spread your wing freely and chase your highest dream.

I called this age as “the golden age”.

In this age we can climb our carrier like a rocket. Imagine in 5 or 10 years from now, chasing carrier could be harder. Beside that we may already has a family, most of job vacancy limits the applicant’s age. Please note that Our mind is also still fresh and capable to absorb knowledge and learn skills like a sponge.

So, spread your wings and fly my friends… :-)
Don’t let anything stand in your way from chasing your dream.

I leave my comfort zone the second time now, from Bali to Jakarta
*I consider Bali also become one of my comfort zone now

Jakarta, September 2nd 2010


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